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Explore the first SYNOPSIS Project training module

SYNOPSIS is an Erasmus Plus project looking at Storytelling and Fundraising for Cultural Heritage professionals. The project is producing an online training course to support the cultural heritage sector in developing storytelling and fundraising to engage interested people.4 steps diagram

The first module of the training course has now been produced for testing and piloting. It concerns the use of storytelling. Storytelling skills play an important role in helping connect people tp cultural heritage. Cultural Heritage storytelling is concerned with “communicating through stories”, creating narratives through which a cultural heritage enters into an emphatic relationship with people, managing to arouse public emotion. The purpose is to engage people to protect, exploit cultural heritage, and support it financially.

By improving their storytelling, professionals will be able to design a range of communication strategies and adopt digital media to be used in educating people and promoting culture and art.

By the end of the storytelling module, participants should:

– Be aware of using narratives and (serious) storytelling techniques
– Understand the use of storytelling processes and its main benefits
– Have explored and assessed digital storytelling and examples in fundraising
– Created an outline for a digital story using storyboarding
– Identify and select digital storytelling tools according to their own aims and needs and
Plan a digital storytelling campaign to promote engagement with target audiences.

Play the video: 7 tips on Storytelling for Cultural Heritage from Europeana

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