Introduction to the Module

This is the SYNOPSIS Project Digital Storytelling module

The Digital Storytelling module is organised into six parts:

  1. Stories, narratives and storytelling
  2. Serious storytelling and storification
  3. Digital Storytelling processes
  4. Story building
  5. Tools for digital storytelling
  6. Using StoryMaps

By the end of this module, participants should be able to use storytelling in fundraising and:

  • Be aware of using narratives and (serious) storytelling techniques
  • Understand the use of storytelling processes and its main benefits
  • Have explored and assessed digital storytelling and examples in fundraising
  • Created an outline for a digital story using storyboarding
  • Identify and select digital storytelling tools¬†according to their own aims and needs
  • Plan a digital storytelling campaign to promote engagement with target audiences

Key words: digital, storytelling, narratives, cultural heritage, higher education

Download the Module 1 presentations

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Stories, narratives and storytelling

Activity: Look at the video on storytelling for cultural heritage and identify the key issues for you associated with storytelling for fundraising.

Video: 7 tips on Storytelling for Cultural Heritage from Europeana

Stories and storytelling >>