Three outputs are proposed in the SYNOPSIS Project – Storytelling and Fundraising for Cultural Heritage professionals

Output 1: Good practices collection for each partner country: and e-book / online database

Output 2: The Cultural heritage CV: definition of competences – set of hard and soft skills for an innovative professional role.

Output 3: Modules-learning for cultural heritage: the hard and soft skills of cultural heritage storytellers and fundraisers

Output 1 includes developing a map of Europe used to show users information describing best cases of cultural heritage organizations in Europe which exploit storytelling and fundraising techniques applied to cultural heritage sites.

Output 2 consists of defining the guidelines for a skill-set of fundamental competences for the new role in the cultural heritage sector. This will be a combination of hard and soft skills that are necessary to build a series of competences, knowledge and useful skills to make performing the storytelling and fundraising working with cultural sites. The guidelines for the skills-set will have as a basis the competences identified by the most recent studies on cultural heritage merging EntreComp and DigiComp competences. It will include storytelling and the use of Storymaps (link to https://storymaps.arcgis.com) and fundraising as well as other skills and competences that will emerge during the project.