What is fundraising?

An introduction to Fundraising

Activity: Look at the presentation introducing fundraising and the role in cultural heritage organisations and identify the key issues for you.

Synopsis Project: training introduction to fundraising

Activity: If you want to find out more, read the General Overview on Fundraising and explore information on the European Regulatory Fundraising Framework

Cultural and heritage stakeholders who want to approach the sector need to understand its history, identity, and the key challenges it faces. An understanding of the organisations that make up the sector and the sources of income that are available to fund their work is also essential.

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In order for a fundraising activity to be effective, especially with companies, it is essential to be methodical: both in proposing and in drawing up a project. It is also necessary to be attentive, punctual, creative, exhaustive and direct, convincing. This is the only way to stand out positively.

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Activity: Review the presentation introducing fundraising

Synopsis Project: training – what is fundraising?

Activity: Review the Fundraising Learning Kit from Europa Nostra 

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