Stories and storytelling

Stories, narratives and storytelling

Activity: Look at the presentation on stories and storytelling and consider which are most important aspects in your context.

Synopsis Project: an introduction to storytelling

Activity: Explore some of the cultural heritage stories on the Eurocities web site and identify the key messages they give.

An example of stories and storytelling in cultural heritage is Heritage of Stories, a working group of the Associazione Culturale Silvia Dell’Orso, whose main goal is to foster a public understanding and an increased sensitivity to cultural heritage.

Activity: Visit the projects on the Associazione Culturale Silvia Dell’Orso web site to find out more about them.
Make a list of key characteristics and useful ideas.

Activity: Research on the Web cultural heritage projects that use storytelling.
Which ones are most useful to your own circumstances?

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Narratives and dialogue

Storytelling is developed through narrative and dialogue. A cultural heritage narrative usually tells the story that describe a series of events.


A cultural narrative describes what is unique about the place and the people your setting is part of.

Cultural narratives can relate to one or more of the following:

– the physical design of buildings, landscapes and gardens.
– creating spaces where learning can take place through culture and about  culture.
– signifying aspirations concerning the past, present and future

Activity: Review the presentation on storytelling and narratives and identify the advantages offered by using narratives for fundraising.

Synopsis Project: narratives and storytelling

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