Serious Storytelling, Storification

Serious Storytelling 

Serious storytelling is described as storytelling with a purpose beyond entertainment

Stories preserve culture and they help pass on cultural knowledge from one generation to another. Stories keep cultures alive and provide a link to ancient traditions, legends and myths. 

Some benefits of serious storytelling for cultural organizations:

  • Storytelling helps organizations to build and boost their brand and identity
  • Because stories are more memorable and touching than just facts, they are more easily spread and reaching larger audiences become easier, especially regarding social media today.
  • Stories inspire purposeful conversation and communication, not just about the story, but also about the subject / organization.
  • Raise awareness and enthusiasm for the subject by making a more direct connection to the audience’s daily life. and
  • Increases the target audience’s sense of involvement and community. .

Activity: Serious storytelling has been used for many different purposes. Look at the presentation on Serious Storytelling and consider its usefulness for fundraising.

Synopsis Project: serious storytelling

Further details about Serious Storytelling can be examined in this document. 

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Storification is the meaning that emerges from narrative.

It is the process of applying story structure, tools and techniques to an existing message, it has a storyline as well as dramatized and even fictional parts to it, so it can be applied to a fundraising strategy.

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Storification commonly refers to the wrapping of an activity inside a fictional or non-fictional narrative so that the activity becomes more engaging. The heightened immersion engenders creativity and increased cognitive and affective attention, that can make individuals more involved and make activities more effective.

The main strengths of storification are in its appeal, variety and accessibility.

Stories are appealing and easy to remember. Storytelling helps share experiences, explain events and phenomena and transfer knowledge.

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