Planning and completing a fundraising campaign

3. Planning a campaign

Starting from the targets you want to reach and the story you want to tell, establish the most appropriate type of action for your campaign. These may be:
• Fundraising Campaigns
• Crowdfunding Campaigns and
• Special Events
Remember that, based on the targets, you can decide to put together different actions for different donors!

Activity: Once you have established targets, content, channels and actions, use the step-by-step guide template from Donorly to elaborate a fundraising plan. .
Remember that the fundraising goal for your campaign is 15,000 euros. The budget at your disposal for organising and implementing the campaign is 1.500 euros.

Step 3: During and after the campaign: analyse the results and thank the donors

i) Monitoring and evaluation

Your campaign plan must include the tools you will use to monitor its progress. During the campaign, you must be able not only to assess the level of achievement of the goal, but also the effectiveness of the actions you have devised with respect to the target donors.

You should make sure it includes the proper tools to monitor the campaign. You should establish some performance metrics (normally associated with money, donors, time and activity: the distribution of donations day by day, progressive donations, characteristics of donors, action-reaction correlation, etc.).

Activity: Check and update your fundraising plan to include evaluation tools and performance metrics.

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When evaluating your fundraising campaign, you should undertake a financial analysis to calculate details such as the average gift size; response rates; net income; average cost per donor; the cost of fundraising; return on investment; payback period; lifetime return on investment.

Congratulations, your campaign has been successful!

ii) Analysing your campaign

The museum provides you with the Donations List, a spreadsheet created at the end of the campaign.

Activity: Download the list and use it to create a data table to analyse the results of your campaign.

Once you have completed your analysis, compare the results tothose provided in the data table created for The Great Absent project


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