Sineglossa provides a rich terrain for experimentation in the realm of the contemporary. Based in the Marche Region, it serves as a platform upon which artists, planners and researchers can imagine, conceive and bring forth cultural strategies and happenings on a local as well as an international scale. The goal is to contribute to the transformation of culture into cultures. Sineglossa aims to satisfy the needs of private and public organizations through artistic interventions. Sineglossa drafts interviews and submits them to the organizations in order to find out their specific needs, and then creates artistic models that respond to the request of innovation.

Sineglossa runs an online platform of 450 artists that are involved in the artistic interventions through open calls: the artists, able to create new solutions for different problems, are asked to adopt the given model and interpret it with their artistic languages. Sineglossa mediates the artists’ interventions in the organizations during the whole process.

Creative Ground matches artists and organizations because organizations always search for innovation and they generally do not know to whom they can address. On the other hand, Creative Ground helps artists to develop new audiences, to explore new research contexts and to find new private resources.

Sineglossa has developed several training projects and works on the promotion of cultural heritage, trying to combine these two topics. At local and regional stage, Sineglossa works with artists and social workers willing to train themselves to discover and apply their skills in many fields. At national level, Sineglossa belongs to the Italian network Break in the desk, a European project based on art and business activities. The network is interested in promoting trainings for artists who want to develop their own soft skills.