EOLAS is a company dedicated to the support of organisations in their internationalisation efforts in related to European projects, mainly in the field of education and training. EOLAS provides advice, consulting and support to optimize all processes related to the design, preparation and management of projects, facilitating the participation of its clients in the different international, European, national and regional funding programmes.

The service offer relates to the management of European and international projects, quality management and impact evaluation, design and implementation of strategic plans for international, European, national and regional funding, identification of needs and opportunities, as well as idea generation, design, preparation, presentation and management of projects, advice on international, European, national and regional financing schemes and programmes, establishing networks and collaboration for the participation in international, European, national and regional projects, including partner searching, project management training and coaching.

EOLAS develops research and implementation activities related to (social) entrepreneurship; social innovation; business development and knowledge management, and provides additional consultancy and support services in these fields.

The company has a track record of activities in the field of knowledge management and sharing. It has a wide network across Europe and is full member of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster and founding member of the European Wide Network on Digital Learning (DLEARN).

Website: https://eolas.es/