Introduction to the Fundraising Campaign Simulation

This is the SYNOPSIS Project Fundraising Campaign Simulation module


Activity: Examine the Learning Outcomes of the Fundraising Campaign Simulation module

The module is organised in 3 parts:
Step 1) Collect the info
Step 2) Create the campaign
Step 3) Analyse the results during and after: the campaign and thank the donors

You will be able to compare, step by step, the campaign you are planning with a real campaign carried out in the past by Musei Reali.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers: at each step, use the materials from the original campaign to check if you have considered all the significant aspects.

Step 1) Collecting the info

To organise a fundraising campaign, you need to develop a project sheet with three key pieces of information:
1. Info on the cultural heritage organisation
2. Info on the subject of the campaign
3. Info on budget

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In this module you will simulate creating a fundraising campaign for the Musei Reali, an Italian museum in Turin.

1. Getting Information on the cultural heritage organisation

First of all, you need to know the organisation for which you are creating the campaign:
What is its history?
What are its values?
What audience engagement activities have it already organised?
Who are they aimed at?
What is its “language”?
What channels does it use?

Activity: Read the basic information about the museum 

Activity: Search the internet (website, social networks, etc.) and collect the most important information on the Musei Reali organisation


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