Information Gathering

Gathering information on the subject of the campaign

Together with the organization for which the campaign will be carried out, you need to know the cultural heritage “object” (artwork, cultural site, etc.) on which the campaign will be set up.

A Project Sheet is the basis from which to organize a fundraising campaign, it is normally divided into three parts:

  1. a description of the artwork
    a short but exhaustive text that contains, in an organic and emotional way, all the main information on the artwork (e.g., photos, author, date of creation, dimensions, materials with which it is made and construction techniques, but also its historical context, its commissioning, the circumstances in which it was damaged)
  2. a description of the necessary interventions:
    for example, in the case of a restoration, the restorer provides technical information on the operations that the artwork requires (types and extent of damage and types of restoration work required)
  3. a detailed table of costs:
    for example, in the case of a restoration, the restorer provides the detail of the costs: cost of materials, hours of work and hourly cost of the work of a restorer

Activity: Read the Project Sheet of the Great Absent project, the fundraising campaign of Musei Reali for the restoration of a painting

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Gathering budget Information

You will need two important pieces of information about the budget:

  • the goal of the campaign,
    i.e., what is the fundraising goal: remember that in creating a detailed cost table you must consider not only the out-of-pocket costs (e.g., costs of restoration such as materials, work hours, etc.) but also the costs for document the process!
  • the budget allocated to the campaign,
    i.e., how much the cultural heritage organization is willing to invest for the production and implementation of the fundraising campaign

As you saw in the Project Sheet cost table, the goal of The Great Absent campaign is 15,000 euros.

The budget at your disposal for organizing and implementing the campaign is 1.500 euros.

Activity: Consider the fundraising campaign approaches you would consider and how the budget might be spent

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