Fundraising Planning

This section of the module is about how to develop appropriate fundraising planning, how to set suitable objectives and how to elaborate fundraising strategies and tactics to achieve those objectives. 

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According to the European Fundraising Association (EFA), planning is an indispensable element for fundraising.

Once needs and objectives are clearly established, it is possible to start developing the right strategy to achieve them. This is a four-step process:

  1. Conducting a Fundraising Audit
  2. Developing a Fundraising Plan
  3. Establish a case of support
  4. Fundraising Evaluation and Control

Activity: Look at the presentation providing a step-by-step guide to planning fundraising and then explore the template for elaborating a fundraising plan

Synopsis Project: training – Fundraising Planning: Steps and Competences

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Activity: Review the fundraising guidelines How to plan your fundraising strategy

A successful fundraiser must demonstrate a number of specific competences, such as:

  • How to conduct research activity, 
  • How to devise a strategy, a plan, 
  • How to manage a productive working relationship with suppliers
  • Implementation of a fundraising methodology
  • Problem solving capacity

Activity: Review the presentation on managing fundraising and fundraising resources.
For you and your organisation, identify which are the most important steps to develop?

Synopsis Project: training – Managing Fundraising

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