Introduction to the Module

This is the SYNOPSIS Project Fundraising module

Fundraising is often seen as a tool limited to financing something specific. Instead, it is a permanent strategic activity involving entrepreneurial strategies, financial and digital positioning, and digital marketing techniques. Therefore, fundraising should become a mindset, an orientation within organisations of all kinds, as a tool for economic development.

In this module we learn about how to exploit funding opportunities, create a fundraising campaign with storytelling and how to use innovative sources of funding, such as EU funding opportunities, private/public, crowdfunding, banking and so on.

Activity: Review the Fundraising Module Learning Outcomes
Use the diagram to consider who are your target audiences.

funding ladder image

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Describing Fundraising

The Fundraising Dictionary developed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals describes fundraising as the “raising of assets and resources from various sources for the support of an organisation or a specific project

Activity: Watch the video and then explore the resources listed below

Resources to explore
The Regulatory Framework for Fundraising in Europe 
Fundraising myths to dispel

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