Introduction to the Digital Skills Module

This is the SYNOPSIS Project Digital Skills module

Activity: Examine the Learning Outcomes of the Digital Skills module

Choosing the right tools for fundraising and storytelling

Choosing the right tools for fundraising and storytelling can save you time, energy and funds.

Regarding Fundraising the most important digital tool to use is a suitable Contact Management System (CMS) in order to maintain, develop and communicate with your contacts and prospects effectively.

Contact Management may also be referred to as CRM (Customer Relations Management) which relies on the same principles.

crm diagram

Some free (or low cost) tools you may use, can be found here:

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As far as digital tools and skills for Storytelling is concerned, although there is an obvious element of creativity involved, there are still some digital tools that you can use to help structure and present your ideas.

According to the Europeana Web site, Digital Storytelling may include

online exhibitions that use narrative text to weave together curated content – images, texts, video – on a particular topic, the latest being Heritage at Risk. Or 11-11: Memories Retold, a video game using Europeana 1914-1918 content to bring a more personal touch to the history of war. Or a YouTube channel using digital cultural content in videos aimed at students, exploring the importance of the steam engine”.

Activity: Explore the useful tools and resources on digital storytelling at:


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