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NONTURISM: when the community itself tells about its territory

There are places in Italy so-called “marginal” because they are far away from the areas where the life of the country happens. The reason is that maybe they are outside the flows of mass tourism or because they have been victims of natural disasters. The communities of these places often need to rediscover their identity and start again to imagine a future.

On the other hand, some people are moved to travel not only by the desire to post photos on social media but by that of creating an intimate relationship with the territory they are exploring, people who experience the journey as an exchange and not as a simple consumption of a need.

Thus was born NONTURISM: an alternative tourist guide that combines these two aspects, proposing itself as a meeting point between communities and this kind of tourists.

Artists, historians, economists, sociologists, and botanists during a residency helped the inhabitants to regain possession of their heritage of memory by giving life to walkable itineraries that include stories, routes, structures, local food, and wine.

The result is a sort of little piece of art which holds and tells the identity of an entire territory.

The guide stems from an idea by Sineglossa and Riverrun and is published by Ediciclo Editore.

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