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World Creativity and Innovation Day – April 21st

The UN declared 21 April as the International Day of Creativity and Innovation, coinciding with the birth of one of the most influential figures in history, Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest designers and inventors of all times.

Creativity and innovation are essential skills in the 21st century, applicable to starting a business, solving problems, devising new products or services, creating a marketing campaign or conveying a story. These skills or qualities are inherent to all people and can be developed through practice.

In this sense, the Da Vinci Technique to boost creativity can be applied to carry out a storytelling exercise to connect with the audience and target audience of a cultural organisation. This technique proposes that, first of all, curiosity must be awakened in order to then create different perspectives, refine the senses, accept the uncertain, discover balance, work body and mind and, finally, move towards the new and unknown, that is, innovate.

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