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Les Visites de mon Voisin de Bruxelles

More than just visits, Les Visites de mon Voisin are storytelling, high-performance, alternative routes that give a transversal reading of the city, through its urban planning, its history, its sociology. They provide an alternative guided tour in the city or different buildings of Brussels.

visite graphicThe content is very rigorous and the tone and approach is very relaxed. The visits have a performative dimension with a “gesticulate conference” approach. Different digital tools are used during the visits to illustrate the subject with archive images, pictures of the maps, photos as a way of grasping the city in all its depths (for instance WhatsApp, through which neighbours send archive images directly to visitors’ phones).

A “second face” of the project takes place on social networks. Les Visites de mon Voisin plays as a small alternative media about the city, history and town planning.

The “neighbours”:

Gaspard Giersé “is a Archaeologist and artist, fanatical about history, urban planning, human geography and above all about creating cross-cutting content where everything connects, in this city he knows like the back of his hand, from squats to royal palaces. With his passionate approach tinged with Brussels mysticism, he delivers a vision of the city full of lightness and subversive pedagogy”.

Vassilia van der Heyden is a high-flying producer and strategist in the world of entertainment, multiple talents to set the framework for Les Visites de mon Voisin. From the collection and recovery of all different keys and a remote guidance of the groups, she reigns supreme behind the scenes of this project.

To find out more visit https://www.lesvisitesdemonvoisin.com/l-equipe and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VisitesdemonV